Pionneer in serious games creation since 14 years, Succubus Interactive has developped solid, sustainable and universal expertises to build complete fun video projects or specific components of these projects. Technologies used, and created, by Succubus are user-friendly, collaborative and web-based. They permit to build a serious game at lower coast and rapidly, sometimes without a single line of code! Maintenance and evolution can be autonomously put in place : without us, without any need of recompilation, without need to access the source code, directly from a web page and without training. 

Intervening on several stages of projects, Succubus technologies are divided into four groups :

  • Game engines
  • Production tools
  • Server side
  • Trace analysis

Some Succubus technologies are directly usable by the user. This is the case for Serious Talk, a dialogs simulator. It allows anyone to create their own serious game without need for knowledge of code.