Our Trophies and Awards

Our commitment and the quality of our serious games are rewarded with numerous awards that we have won over the years.

Beaconing - Gamification Awards
Brain - Trophée Marketing Gaming & eSport
Brain - TopCom d'Or
Cornak - Serious Play Awards
Happy Night - European Serious Game Award
Happy Night - Idées Créatives
Legends of Europe - International Serious Play Award
Legends of Europe Serious Games Showcase Challenge portfolio trophees 2021
Legends of Europe Trophees du Digital Learning portfolio trophees 2020
Les Renforts arrivent - Argus d'Or
Ma Cyber Auto Entreprise - Serious Game Expo
SEGAE - International Serious Play Award
SEGAE - Trophées du Digital Learning
Wattou - Serious Game Expo
Wattou - eVirtuoses Awards
Wattou - Territoire & Innovation

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