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The digital escape game to discover Public Works

Abstract of After Storm

Build a sustainable world through Public Works!

A storm has devastated Tomorrow Island! You play the young Alix and must rebuild a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world. Take up many challenges to escape the island: build bridges, repair roads, provide drinking water, clean up sewage, make hydrogen and much more! You can count on the help of your humorous AI drone, MART1, which will guide you throughout this great adventure.


  • a digital escape game for young people to discover Public Works
  • an adventure punctuated by many challenges to be met allowing you to discover and understand the role of the different trades, machines and infrastructures of Public Works
  • impactful communication on the commitment and essential role of Public Works in the ecological transition

Learning objectives

The French National Federation of Public Works (FNTP) suffered from a lack of awareness and attractiveness to young people due to an “unsexy” image. It decided to make training in Public Works a national cause! The FNTP has thus launched a major information campaign aimed at this public in order to help them discover the sector and to encourage new vocations.

The FNTP has set up the tp.demain platform, a library of educational resources dedicated to the Public Works professions.

In order to make this discovery more attractive and engaging, and to raise awareness of the real issues and functions of each profession, the FNTP has chosen to develop a serious game in the form of an escape game. Through a fun adventure full of challenges, the player must rebuild the infrastructure of an island devastated by a storm. To carry out his various missions, he must in particular learn about the trades, the skills required and the machinery necessary for the realization of these works. Punctuated with puzzles to solve, the serious game makes this learning fun.

This scenario enables the player to take ownership of the information and facilitate their understanding of each person’s role in achieving concrete and essential objectives, such as providing drinking water, energy, etc.

After Storm also includes a complete directory including:

– job descriptions summarizing the role, skills and training required
– machines explaining their function
– infrastructures detailing their purpose

The cards in this repository are unlocked as the game progresses and you meet new characters and new quests. It can be consulted at any time by the player.

This serious game also transmits the values ​​of innovation and respect for the environment of the FNTP as well as to become aware of the major role of Public Works in the ecological transition.

  • Capture d'écran du serious game After Storm de la FNTP

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