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The role playing game to make police officers aware of psychosocial risks

Abstract of Brigade

Investigate under high tension…
You play as Franck Luciani, the captain of the Anti Crime Brigade (BAC); you are called to the scene of a shooting where two hooded individuals opened fire on the police. One of the two suspects was shot dead.
Start your investigation and search for clues by interacting with your surroundings and the various characters you will meet in order to find the fugitive.
In this pressurized environment, you will also be a support for your colleagues pushed to the limit by this difficult daily life.
Are you ready to face the dangers of the street?


  • A pragmatic scenario, developed in collaboration with employees of the law enforcement insurance
  • Immersion in realistic settings inspired by “thriller comics” to best recreate the atmosphere of stressful situations
  • Interactive, non-linear dialogues giving the player the opportunity to influence the course of history

Learning objectives

The serious game Bridage is part of a strong initiative of the MGP (Law enforcement insurance) to create tools to raise awareness of psychosocial risks for police officers. This innovative educational support aims in particular to raise awareness of risk factors in order to prevent them.


The scenario, the graphic approach and the gameplay enable perfect immersion in this difficult environment in order to better understand the psychosocial risks and to be prepared in order to face them in a real situation. A real simulation tool, this serious game makes it possible to project oneself into realistic risky situations, to assess the perceptions and reactions of law enforcement officials and to improve their stress management.

The prevention of psychosocial risks at work in high-risk occupations is a major issue and the need to put oneself in situations that are difficult to reproduce is a real challenge that the role playing game makes it possible to take up efficiently.

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