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The first Business Game to learn how to effectively manage a customer portfolio!

Abstract of Cornak

Learn how to manage your commercial activity!

Welcome to the Cube Company! You will stand in for the company’s former business developer who has retired. What is your objective? Give a boost to the C.U.B.E.S.’ sales! You can count on the help of 3 colorful characters, who will guide you and share their expertise, to help you organize your activity. You will be entitled to a monthly follow-up to analyze your strenghts and areas of improvement. Compare your results with other players!

Who will be the best business developer?


  • In-depth learning of commercial activity
  • Targeted work on customer portfolio management
  • Personalized monitoring to identify areas for improvement
  • A futuristic and realistic environment

Learning objectives

The serious game Cornak was created in partnership with Waypoint Conseil, a consulting company specializing in optimizing business performance. The organization wanted to enrich its training programs with engaging educational support, making it possible to understand the challenges of planning commercial activity, to assimilate good practices and to apply them by training in order to acquire automatisms.

Fonctions du serious game Cornak

Rewarded in 2013 by the Gold Medal in the Business category of the Serious Play Awards, this strategy game takes the form of quizzes and practical exercises in order to develop skills through play. Futuristic and colorful graphics as well as the outgoing and quirky characters immerse the player in a dynamic and captivating scenario. We are thus guided throughout the game to experiment and implement the best strategies and best practices. This transposition into a realistic context facilitates learning and enables better memorization of information.

On the other hand, positive or negative random events, such as a shortage of stock, a delivery problem or the winning of a new key account customer, also enhance the game in order to simulate the common problems encountered by business developers. This realistic scenario helps to prepare the player to face these situations.

Gamification by assigning a score and obtaining diplomas or benefits makes this serious game even more motivating and engaging. Cornak also stimulates the competitive spirit of salespeople and their involvement by offering a ranking of players based on their results. This classification can be done between sales representatives of the same company or in relation to all serious game users.

This business game, suitable for all business developers regardless of their level of experience, combines a training tool to acquire and apply best practices with a simulation tool to assess the performance of the chosen action plans. The learner thus becomes an actor in his learning.

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