Kernel Operation 3.0

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French Special Operations Command’s cybersecurity escape game

Abstract of Kernel Operation 3.0

Take up the challenge launched by the French Special Operations Command!

In this digital escape game, you play as a member of the French special forces. Your mission: free the famous French nuclear physicist Lise Mitener, taken hostage by terrorists in the Excelsior hotel during an international conference. You will join an intervention group and will have to use all the know-how of the special forces to fulfill your missions: “reflection, innovation, technology, discretion, cooperation and rapidity”.

Finish your mission in under 50 minutes! Good luck!


  • A scenario which takes the form of a digital escape game
  • A realistic immersion in a member of the special forces’ shoes
  • A race against time punctuated with puzzles stimulating thought

Learning objectives

The French Special Operations Command wanted to celebrate its 30th anniversary in an original and innovative way! Its objective was to offer the general public an immersive, fun and accessible experience in order to publicize and promote the French Special Operations Command, its missions outside the national territory, as well as for recruitment purposes.

The Kernel Operation 3.0 digital escape game thus makes it possible to transform a realistic scenario into fiction, as it could unfold during a real operation. Based on real feedback and developed in close collaboration with the French Special Operations Command, the scenario enables you to step into special forces’ shoes.

Kernel Operation 3.0 is not a shooting game but a real digital escape game which requires the player to mobilize qualities such as reflection, innovation, technology, discretion, cooperation and rapidity. The escape game thus engages the player in a thrilling race against the clock, which will make him discover in a playful way some of the missions of the special forces.

Kernel Operation 3.0 is available for free online, accessible both on computers and on smartphones via any browser.

  • Screenshot serious game Opération Kernel 3.0 du COS

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