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Discover Europe through its legends, thanks to this awareness role-playing game!

Synopsis of Legends of Europe

Re-discover Europe and its folklores through this Point & Click adventure game!
Opening an old grimoire can have unexpected consequences…
In this serious game, take on the role of Maël, a young Breton who inadvertently releases European legend creatures from an ancient grimoire.
With the help of Loé, the keeper of the grimoire, and Danae, an apprentice mage, find all the creatures and send them back to their world!
Plunge into this extraordinary adventure full of twists and turns. Travel throughout Europe and discover it like never before! Are you capable of catching all the creatures of the grimoire?


  • A digital role-playing game with over 500 questions on European issues
  • Over a hundred immersive 360° views across Europe
  • An interface for teachers, designed to be played in class, offering the possibility of comparing students’ progress
  • A fantastic storyline with a free play mode and several possible endings

Learning objectives

Rewarded with the International Serious Play Awards in “K-12” category, the Digital Learning Award trophy in the “Coup de Coeur” category and the People’s Choice Serious Games Showcase & Challenge for the quality of its scenario and its breathtaking graphics, the Legends of Europe serious game, funded by the Regional Council of Brittany, aims to help young people discover Europe in an original and captivating way. The goal was to create an educational game aimed at young people aged between 15 and 29. Legends of Europe takes the form of a treasure hunt and invites the player to discover European history, geography, art, heritage and tradition.

Thanks to an exciting storyline, this role-playing game engages the player in an original quest, alongside endearing characters, and will be kept on the edge of their seats until the very end! A true invitation to travel, the serious game, integrated with Google Street Views, skillfully blends reality with the imagination of legends to create an amazing and captivating universe. The adventure is set in breathtaking landscapes and is punctuated by a multitude of challenges rendering the game even more attractive and engaging. Presented in the form of a quiz, the enigmas allow players to test and deepen their knowledge of Europe, and to learn while having fun. The player’s choices will influence the course of the story, and will keep them active throughout the entire adventure.

On a larger scale, this unique experience aims to raise awareness amongst young people and get them to open up to different European cultures, in order to break down barriers between countries, and to stimulate and strengthen the bonds of belonging to this great community.

Legends of Europe also includes a dedicated interface, designed for high school teachers, to track the progress of each player.

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