My Cyber Sole Trader

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The serious game that helps entrepreneurs to launch and manage their business!

Abstract of My Cyber Sole Trader

Learn how to create and develop your business from A to Z!
In this role-playing game, you play as Emma, ​​the designer of costume jewelry or Sami, the IT consultancy pro.
Learn how to manage your new life as an entrepreneur by organizing yourself as well as possible despite your busy schedule. Contact the relevant organizations, get their help, develop your business and your network, find numerous customers and increase your turnover!
Are you ready to throw yourself into the entrepreneurial adventure?


  • A realistic scenario on the daily life of entrepreneurs
  • Detailed objectives to support the player step by step
  • A progressive difficulty
  • A system of regular backups

Learning objectives

According to the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), nearly 50% of companies have failed within the first 5 years of their existence. The French Ministry of the Economy therefore wanted to provide business creators with training and awareness-raising support to help them launch, develop and sustain their business. The serious game Ma Cyber ​​Auto-Entreprise thus enables students to acquire the skills necessary to carry out entrepreneurial projects.

Fonctions du serious game Ma Cyber Auto-Entreprise

Elected best Serious Game of the year 2010 at the Serious Game Expo, this fun and complete role-playing game offers two possible scenarios: the production, management and sale of products, via costume jewelry on the one hand, and services, via IT consultancy on the other hand. This distinction makes it possible to address their specific issues and to guide the freelancers as best as possible in the success of their project.

This 3D serious game simulates the life of an entrepreneur, from the birth of his business to the sale of his products or services, including their production and the management of the activity. It enables the player to understand the issues and difficulties associated with each stage in the life of the company, to benefit from personalized advice and to learn best practices to maximize their chances of success. Through rich and realistic graphics, the user is put in a situation to discover and put into practice the steps necessary for the success of his business as well as the pitfalls to avoid.
Thanks to 4 modules, the player is immersed in the main phases of the life of an organization:
– the creation and launch of the activity,
– day-to-day business management,
– business development,
– change of legal status.
In addition to acquiring the necessary skills, the player puts them into practice and practice before applying them to their own business!

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