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SEGAE, the first European simulation serious game in AgroEcology for initial and continuing training

Abstract of SEGAE

In the SEGAE simulation game, play a farm manager in order to develop agriculture that is both profitable and environment-friendly! For this, you will chose between several starting scenarios, through 4 European farms (French, Belgian, Italian and Polish) presenting own specificities to each country in terms of production, geography, economy or even climate.
You will have to manage your agricultural and animal productions under very realistic conditions. You will therefore have to make choices based on product prices, both for the purchase of your equipment and for the sale of your crops and livestock. Beware of climatic hazards that can occur and destroy your crops!
So, are you ready to take on the challenge of sustainable agriculture?

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  • An objective to train 600 users each year in initial training (students and high school students) and continuing (professionals)
  • An ultra-complex scientific simulation model, entirely editable from the back office
  • 4 dedicated scenarios according to the geographic and economic specificities of each countries, available in 6 languages
  • Nearly 5,000 users in less than a year
  • A project of international interest: schools and universities around the world are interested in the possibilities offered by the platform, in Europe (Luxembourg, Austria) and on the American continent (USA, Argentina)

Learning objectives

In 2022, SEGAE has been awarded the International Serious Play Award in “Higher Education” category and the Digital Learning Awards trophy in the Blended Learning & Educational Suport category.

Designed in particular to make the connection with the different subjects making up teaching in Agroecology, SEGAE is a scientific simulation game which aims to facilitate a multidisciplinary approach in this complex field as well as to improve the understanding of these different issues. Designed for initial education (from high school to higher education) as well as for continuing education, the strategy game SEGAE offers real immersion in the long-term management of a farm. This simulation tool thus enhances and puts classic teaching into practice. Its interactivity fosters students’ involvement; they can test their knowledge, learn from their mistakes and are encouraged to replay to improve their skills or try new scenarios.

Fonctions du serious game SEGAE

Carried out in close collaboration with Agroecology teachers from Institut Agro Rennes-Angers, this unique business game integrates a multitude of real data in order to best simulate the evolution of the productions based on the choices made and the natural changes in farms. This serious game is a valuable simulation game for learning good practices that enables to project and evaluate the effectiveness of agricultural policies over 20 years, in just 20 minutes! In addition, SEGAE also makes possible university lecturers and researchers to test and check the viability of their formulas, thus helping to advance science in this high-issues area of ​​expertise.

This project, designed at European level, is also planed to understand the differences in production between countries and to better control them. Its very engaging format offers the possibility of organizing competitions between students from different countries, which creates real international competition!


  • serious game SEGAE French farm screenshot

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