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The role-playing game that boosts your business English level!

Abstract of Simulang

Improve your level of business English in this simulation game!
“Do you speak business English?” Thanks to this serious game, business English will have no secrets for you! Lead a business meeting, participate in both telephone and videoconference, have lunch with an English speaking client … Choose one of the 6 training units and immerse yourself in realistic everyday situations. Interact with different characters and lead the conversation by choosing the appropriate wording.
“Are you ready? Game on!”


  • Immersion in realistic professional case studies
  • Focused work on everyday language and idiomatic expressions
  • 6 units designed for business needs
  • A monitoring system with real-time feedback

Learning objectives

This training serious game was tailor-made for the Simulang company. The aim was to develop the first English language learning game in a business environment. 6 training units are available to train the player to interact in concrete professional contexts.

Fonctions du serious game Simulang

Accentuated by neat 3D graphics, the realistic role-playing enables the player to get involved and learn English more effectively in a professional environment by making memorization easier. The simulation game thus combines theory and practice, essential for language mastery. The learner becomes an actor in his training. The fun aspect of role playing is also a source of motivation. Real-time feedbacks make you learn from your mistakes and enrich your knowledge, without judgment. This serious game is a wonderful tool for learning business English and building confidence!

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