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The awareness serious game to prevent risk of accidents

Abstract of Wattou

Are you aware of the safety instructions and do you comply with it?
In this serious game of awareness and training, you play an ERDF employee in his daily work life. You will have to use your know-how during the various maintenance missions on the electricity grid. In particular, you will need to choose the right equipment and correctly follow the safety instructions.
Put your safety boots on and test your knowledge!


  • 30,000 employees trained
  • A realistic simulation of the daily life of an ERDF employee
  • 5 different missions to test skills
  • Feedbacks that enable to measure the consequences of choices
  • Effective training focusing on specific cases

Learning objectives

Awarded 3 times for its excellent quality, the role-playing game WATTOU won the prize for the best Serious Game HR-Training at the Serious Game Expo 2012, the e-virtuoses Awards 2012 in the Risk management & crisis situation category as well as the Territory & Innovation trophy for the Pays de la Loire region in the Human Resources category.
ERDF’s health and safety department wanted a tool for training and raising awareness of safety instructions in order to prevent various types of intervention risks, and especially electrical accidents.

Fonctions du serious game WATTOU

Integrated into the ERDF training platform, WATTOU first enables you to test your knowledge of processes and safety instructions, to review them by training or to learn them if necessary. Much more engaging than the educational materials usually used (brochures, conferences, etc.), the serious game facilitates the transmission and memorization of information.
Thanks to this simulation game, the player is immersed in concrete intervention situations and is confronted with the consequences of their choices. Indeed, his avatar can die if he does not apply good practices. This makes them aware of their mistakes and the seriousness of their impact in real conditions. The player is thus led to modify his attitudes by applying the safety instructions during field missions.
In addition, the serious game promotes exchanges between agents on the best practices to follow.
An integrated interface also allows tutors to track the progress of each learner.

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