Our serious games solutions for all your training, educating, raising awareness, promotional and assessment projects

The objectives of a serious game

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Serious games have proved to be an effective teaching tool for engaging its participants in fun training sessions, whether it be through face-to-face or distant interaction.

These mechanisms make the learning process attractive and consequently improve the assimilation of the message being conveyed.

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Ideal when it comes to raising awareness and prevention, the serious game makes it easier to understand messages that may otherwise prove difficult to assimilate.

A powerful tool for change management, as it encourages the player to think, understand and reconsider their positions, and ultimately change the target’s behaviour, without being moralistic.

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Highly appreciated for its innovative nature, the serious game offers a powerful alternative to traditional communication or recruitment campaigns.

It attracts and captures the attention of the target audience while standing out thanks to a unique interactive experience.

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Serious games offer a complete and effective decision support tool for evaluation and assessment.

It can be used to validate acquired knowledge and skills for recruitment or certification purposes

Types of serious game

Escape game serious game

Escape Game

Escape Game Serious Game par Succubus Interactive

The escape game is highly immersive and engaging, making it possible to convey various serious messages. It is consequently ideal for raising awareness, communication and recruitment campaigns.

multiplayer gamification serious game

Multiplayer Gamification

Gamification multijoueur Serious Game par Succubus Interactive

Particularly well suited to training and raising awareness, quizzes and mini-games allow several players to be involved simultaneously. They stimulate competition and enhance cooperation.

Role playing game serious game

Role Playing Game

Jeu de rôle Serious Game par Succubus Interactive

Built around dialogues, role-playing or narrative games allow the player to interact freely and offer different choices of scenarios. These adventure and point & click games are particularly effective when it comes to raising awareness.

Business game serious game

Business Game

Business Game Serious Game par Succubus Interactive

Based on a graphical interface, strategy games include management and reflection games. They allow for very realistic business simulation, resource management or investment games.

Dedicated support

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Creative and design thinking

The goal of the design workshop is to effectively define the scope of the project and outline its general shape. It requires the presence of all the business experts, as well as the client’s project manager

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Agile methodology

This method favours continuous collaboration, rather than allowing the contractual negotiations of the purchase phase govern the relationship. As change is an integral part of serious game projects, it is necessary to anticipate and embrace it from the outset, rather than force compliance to a predefined process that may rapidly become obsolete.

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Post production

Our support does not stop there! To guarantee the best possible quality, we provide a tailor-made acceptance procedure, through user workshops (pilot testing / focus groups) for each deliverable.

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Once the game is released and users start playing, the last phase, often referred to as “the warranty period” or “running” begins. This phase entails corrective maintenance to ensure that the game runs smoothly and that any bugs are corrected.

Our clients are the game masters! The Serious Gaming Management System (SGMS) offers the possibility of monitoring the use of the serious games and validating its effectiveness.

The Serious Game Master System makes it possible to complete the missing functionalities of the LMSs and other existing platforms thanks to a comprehensive analytics dashboard, an easy-to-use back office as well as a Game Master App and a Serious Game Player. It offers the possibility to manage users and, if and when necessary, to manage identification internally.

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Access your serious game anytime, anywhere, without going through the hassle of downloading it! Succubus Interactive is the only company on the market to offer serious games accessible directly from your smartphone browser! The Serious Game Player thus makes it possible to play using any support: PC, smartphone or tablet, via a browser or an application, online or offline!

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We have developed a very easy-to-use back office that provides our clients with a certain degree of independence. It allows them to modify or add new expert or serious content in complete autonomy. The power of the back office lies in its ability to instantly redeploy on all platforms as well as to control costs and development times.

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The Game Master App allows you to configure your educational sequence in multiplayer mode. It puts the player at the heart of the gaming experience thanks to synchronization. It allows you to configure and organize sessions by engaging participants either synchronously or asynchronously.

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With the aim of continuous improvement of scenarios and content, the dashboard highlights the KPIs resulting from the use of serious games. In order to optimize the user experience, the client can validate the effectiveness of the game by identifying the positive points and potential blockages that may appear during its use.

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