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Abstract of Mission Discovery

This course choice system takes the form of a fun route on a madcap island to enable young people to discover their strengths and skills!
As a true skills assessment, this serious game, which is designed for young people, immerses us in an extraordinary and fun world! It helps us in identifying our interests, our strengths and our skills in order to guide ourselves towards a suitable career path.
Thanks to an entertaining journey on the Alpha Centauri Bb planet, meet exuberant characters and win a coat of arms corresponding to your professional profile!
Will you be able to overcome all the challenges set by the experts and discover your coat of arms?


  • A simple and fun course guidance assistant made with quizzes and assessment tests
  • A fun course in a crazy environment to involve young people
  • A motivating gamification with badges and a personalized coat of arms
  • A personalized assessment based on the player’s results enabling him to find his way

Learning objectives

The Mission Discovery role-playing game, developed for the Nice Côte d’Azur CCI, aims to support young people aged 16 to 22 in their vocational choice. Specially designed for this audience thanks to its entertaining aspect, its crazy scenario and its interactivity, it engages young people in the course choice process with an off-the-wall approach to the tools and methods usally used. Particularly innovative, this serious game presents an adaptation of the Holland codes (RIASEC), specially adapted to a young audience in order to make it accessible and attractive.

Fonctions du serious game Mission Discovery

The fun of the scenario is reflected in the richness of the colorful graphics that help capture the attention of young people and engage them until the end of the adventure! Gamification, through obtaining badges and a customized coat of arms, also boosts engagement throughout the game and makes it easier to understand the results.
The serious game Mission Discovery also aims to show and promote traineeship as well as the various “CFAs” (traineeship education centers) in the region corresponding to the expectations and results obtained. This personalized approach promotes the success of the process.
Beyond carrying out a skills assessment, the role playing game enables young people to become aware of their own qualities, their strengths and their aspirations in order to build consistent career objectives.

  • Screenshot du serious game Mission Discovery

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