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The employer brand escape game to discover the business universes of the Saint-Gobain group

Abstract of Brain

Saint-Gobain’s artificial intelligence needs you!
In this digital escape game, during your visit to the Saint-Gobain Research & Development center, you find yourself locked in a space forbidden to the public and conversing with an Artificial Intelligence that seems to be faulty.
The only way out is to help it restore its functions. For this, you will have to solve many puzzles spread across different backgrounds.
Will you fix Saint-Gobain’s AI on time?


  • Immersion in innovative decors in Saint-Gobain colors
  • Three business worlds to discover: a point of sale, a 4.0 factory and a Research & Development laboratory
  • Challenging puzzles that require the player to pay attention to the smallest details
  • A fun experience to learn more about the employer brand and its businesses

Learning objectives

Rewarded with the TopCom Gold Grand Prix Corporate Business Trophy in the Digital Gaming section in 2021, Brain is a digital escape game offered by the Saint-Gobain group which has several objectives.

Fonctions du serious game Brain

Thanks to an attractive scenario and futuristic settings, this serious promotional game plunges us into the group’s business world and features multiple innovations of its own. It engages the player in a quest which will make him discover while having fun the history of the group, its values ​​but also its commitments. Through a thrilling journey, the serious game invites the player to take up the many challenges that punctuate the adventure by using the information that he will have understood throughout the game. Captivated by his experience, the player is in perfect condition to assimilate as well as possible the messages which are transmitted to him.

Long-lasting device, which aims to be both educational and fun, this multilingual escape game, translated into 6 languages, is a powerful communication tool to promote Saint-Gobain’s employer brand. By attracting and informing young talents from all over the world, its final objective is to highlight the group’s DNA and improve its recruitment processes.

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