The Mystery of the perfect salad

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The promotional escape game that will unravel Sodebo’s core values!

Synopsis of the Mystery of the perfect salad

Can you unlock the secret of what lies behind this mysterious recipe?
In this promotional serious game, the player will discover as the game unfolds, the history and core values that have driven Sodebo since its creation. Your mission is to help the young Marie-Laurence, daughter of the company founders, make her mom’s perfect salad!
Alone at home, Marie-Laurence has set herself the goal of creating the perfect salad recipe before her mother and sisters return. To succeed, she will have to get her hands dirty in order to solve the enigmas scattered throughout the house…
The player will be met with a series of gourmet challenges that will have to be solved as quickly as possible! So put on your finest apron and unravel the mystery of what lies behind the perfect salad!


  • Maximum engagement, thanks to a serious digital escape game punctuated with clues and enigmas
  • A 70’s atmosphere enhanced by a carefully designed decor
  • A fun, family-friendly escape game accessible to all

Learning objectives

The digital escape game The Mystery of the Perfect Salad offered by Sodebo aims to promote its brand image and to portray its family values ​​through an engaging storyline, punctuated by numerous plots.

Fonctions du serious game Le Mystère de la salade parfaite

Thanks to its beautifully chosen graphics with warm 70’s colours, the player is totally immersed in the universe of the group at the time of its creation and plays the role of one of the daughters of the founding couple. Captivated by the original environment and the many challenges to be met, the user embarks on a quest during which he/she will collect essential information regarding Sodebo and its universe, which will prove necessary to solve the mysteries scattered throughout of the game. Very entertaining and engaging, the serious game encourages the player’s involvement and facilitates the assimilation of the messages being conveyed. The escape game format will keep the player totally focused till the very end, and will, unlike traditional communication means, expose the player for a longer period of time to the underlined messages.

The level of difficulty of the serious game is ideally suited to the general public, and thanks to its enchanting content is sure to mark the players’ minds for a long time.

  • escape game Le Mystère de la salade parfaite de Sodebo

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