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The promotional business game to discover jobs and trainings in the industrial sector!

Abstract of Industry Race

Grow your industrial empire in this strategy game!
Melon Husk and Jeff Bizou have been rivals since childhood. Genius inventors and megalomaniacs, they are each at the head of a gigantic industrial empire.
Their ultimate goal? Conquer space and be proclaimed Savior of humanity!
But who will save humanity… first?


  • Employee management leading to the discovery of training and jobs in the industry
  • A permanent mad race between the two protagonists
  • 3 difficulty levels requiring the player to strategically use resources
  • An offbeat atmosphere punctuated by humorous cutscenes

Learning objectives

The objective of the training center of the UIMM (French Industry and Metalworking Industry Occupations Union) was to present and promote apprenticeship, the various training courses in industry as well as their opportunities, among young people aged 16 to 25 years. Industry Race is a unique strategy game that also raises awareness of the essential role of each profession in the achievement of rewarding final objectives (e.g.: making a part to build a rocket in order to save the world) beyond their first purpose (e.g.: manufacturing a part) as well as to place the image of the industry in a dynamic of attractive innovation to young people.

Fonctions serious game Industry Race

Industry Race’s humorous storyline captures the attention of players and immerse themselves in a colorful and playful world. This approach promotes the identification of the player to the characters and his involvement in the challenge at hand. Through his quest, the player will be led to discover and manage the essential trades to achieve his objectives. From design to production, including assembly and manufacturing processes, Industry Race helps understand the challenges facing the industry in terms of training, organization or resource management. As learning is fun, it is easier to memorize messages and the perception of jobs in industry is more positive.

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