Multiplayer gamification

multiplayer gamification

Training serious games that challenge your knowledge!

Abstract of multiplayer gamification

Test your knowledge on many thematics!
Do you want to assess your achievements on a theme and compare yourself with others? Our multiplayer gamified quizzes can be based on a playable board (Prevance, Strego, Axa) or take the form of a game show (Renautl Trucks). Either way, you will have a good time and enrich your knowledge while having fun!
Are you ready to take the challenge?


  • Scores and bonuses that encourage you to replay and improve your skills
  • Ranking system to compare your results
  • A progressive difficulty
  • Detailed explanations to understand each answer

Learning objectives

These four companies, Prevance, Strego, Axa and Renault Trucks, wanted to provide their employees with internal training that was both educational and engaging.

Fonctions des serious games Quiz gamifiés multijoueur

The multiplayer gamified quiz is the ideal educational format for tackling a wide variety of topics and testing knowledge on specific elements. Its playfulness increases its adoption by all players. The answers to the various questions are staged, making them much more attractive and facilitating their memorization. Users enrich their knowledge while having fun!
Unlike standard quizzes, this type of game uses very engaging mechanics, encouraging the user to engage fully. Gamification, with obtaining a score, awarding badges or bonuses, encourages the players and values ​​their involvement. In addition, a ranking stimulates their competitive spirit and encourages them to train to improve their results and to surpass themselves.

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