Virtual interview platform

role playing game

GMF’s simulation tool for self-assessment and training in sales interviews


Train yourself applying good business practices!
Play as a GMF advisor in his daily life at the agency where you can interact with your environment, with your colleagues and advise your customers.
Use your know-how during your customer interactions to optimize their satisfaction.
Each of your choices determines the course of your interviews and helps you to improve your skills.


  • Scenarios developed in collaboration with the GMF, close to everyday situations
  • 8 customer cases in the form of non-linear dialogues to test the player’s skills
  • Realistic immersion in the work environment of a GMF advisor
  • A challenging success system adding in order to achieve perfection

Learning objectives

This training, intended for GMF advisers, is part of the Covéa group‘s strong desire to put customer relations back at the center of the sales process.

The aim of this virtual interview platform is to teach GMF advisers how to conduct a sales interview from A to Z using the right tools and applying good business practices. This serious game thus fulfills a role of training but also of evaluation. Indeed, it offers, through 8 practical cases, the possibility of confronting real situations encountered in an agency. This interview simulation game makes possible advisors to practice their sales approach based on the main customers’ profiles.

Fonctions du serious game Plateforme virtuelle d'entretiens de vente

Thanks to realistic graphics and scenarios, we play an advisor who meets clients, either by telephone or directly in an agency, using the specific codes to these situations. The role playing game makes it possible to simulate these interviews as closely as possible using neat avatars, the faithful reproduction of a sales agency as well as non-linear dialogues to guide the interview according to the choices made by the employee.

At the end of the interview, the serious game evaluates the game that has just been played and generates personalized feedbacks in order to highlight the good practices but also to provide detailed advices on possible improvements. These factual and non-judgmental feedbacks enable the employee to train in complete autonomy and naturally encourages him to improve his practices by replaying. In addition, the accessibility of the virtual platform gives the advisor the opportunity to take the training over and to get fully involved in a responsible training process.

Gamification also plays an important role in employee engagement, by obtaining dedicated badges based on performance. Beyond learning and improving business practices, it promotes a positive dynamic by stimulating the spirit of competition.
Dashboards also provide success rates and individual progress for better control of training processes and costs.

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