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The innovative way of designing and delivering entrepreneurship courses through a gamified MOOC!


Help Jane to set up her business!

Jane is a young student in electronic engineering, three months away of her graduation, but despite her passion for the subject matters of her studies, she’s got a highly developed sensitivity towards ecology and environmental issues.
Jane has great manual skills and is an absolute ace at repairing any electronic device. The more she receives job offers from big corporates that do not really reassure them on the carbon footprint of their activities, the more she feels uneasy and willing to make the difference in an alternative way. It is the misadventure of a friend of hers that lost her mobile phone in an Amsterdam’s canal that revives in her the idea of supporting sustainable development by recycling smartphones and, most of all, by opening a repair shop.

With the help of her closest friends Kim and Adam, Jane starts to develop the idea of starting a business of their own. However, despite her initial enthusiasm, she finds quickly that starting a business cannot be improvised, but carefully prepared. Jane gets to learn about Creative Problem Solving and Design Thinking progressively, but, not surprisingly, she becomes aware that getting a Human-Centred Design is not just about learning a theory at all. Instead, it is about living a mindset and acting in a real context made of real people that have real needs to be satisfied. This awareness represents a major turning point for Jane that brings her to seek for help and inspiration in a co-working space. There she meets other entrepreneurs and a rich fertile environment where nurturing ideas taking advantage of collective intelligence.

And this is the start for a whole new adventure: new ideas, some of them really unusual, but with great and unexpected potential, arise and have to be evaluated, prototyped, and tested… and then a new problem makes surface, how to get all of this done, to make it real? How to make other people believe in her project? Not only her closest friends of all times, nor the new friends met at the co-working space, but the ones that would be able to give a real start to her project with real money? This is the last challenge Jane has to face, or the first one of a new professional life eventually.


  • An innovative MOOC to learn about Entrepreneurship through the Creative Problem Solving, Design Thinking and Human-Centred Design lenses
  • A gamified immersive experience that will accompany the player in eight compelling chapters through dialogues and reflections
  • A variety of resources and exercises proposed as challenges to be solved individually or in teams
  • A playground for own business projects
  • Free access through the University of Türkü (UTU) eLearning platform DigiCampus.

Learning objectives

Creative & Design Thinking MOOC (CDTMOOC) Erasmus+ project aims at providing an innovative way of designing and delivering entrepreneurship courses through a gamified MOOC. The resulting learning experiences embedded in a compelling serious game rely on involving startuppers, teachers, students and entrepreneurs in individual, team and community co-creation activities inspired by creative problem solving and design thinking.

By following the adventure of Jane, a young electronic engineering student close to graduation, in her way to start a business, the player acquires knowledge through eight thematic chapters (from how to empathise with people, and how to identify and define a real problem they have, to how to find solutions to that problem, from how to select the most appropriate solutions, to how to prototype and test them, from how to implement a solution, to how to pitching and getting funds to sustain its implementation) and through practical assignments that is invited to answer to at each step.

The CDTMOOC course is freely available on the University of Türkü (UTU) DigiCampus platform upon previous registration.

The consortium partners are Art Square Lab (Luxembourg), Succubus Interactive (Nantes, France), the University of Turku (Turku, Finland), Euro-net (Potenza, Italy) and Miðstöð símenntunar á Suðurnesjum (Reykjanesbær, Iceland).

In this project, Succubus Interactive is in charge of the gamification of the learner’s experience at all levels as well as of the content delivered by other project partners.


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